Order Pick Up

With all the COVID-19 issues the world is facing right now, we have decided that it would be best to cancel the container gardening seminars we had planned for April.  The Mother’s Day brunch and the Supper In the Orchard events planned for May will also be cancelled and further dates will be evaluated as time goes on.

So where does this leave you?

You can still come by to the winery to pick up product!  Everything from wine, to fruit trees, jam, and grow bags!

Fruit Trees

We have created a simple fillable Pick Up form so that our customers can order products and pick up from the winery!  All products are available to order, and we will get everything together have it ready outside, ready for pick up.  We can take E-transfer or we can bring out our pre-sanitized mobile swiper machine outside for quick and easy payment.  You don’t even have to go inside!

Download the word document at the bottom of the page, fill it out and email it back to us: [email protected] and we will get everything together.

Just Come For a Drive

Whether or not you want to pick up any of our products, we would like to welcome you to come just walk around in the hills west of the winery, where you are safe and at peace.  There is nothing like experiencing nature; hearing the birds sing, smelling the clean air, and feeling the wind on your face, to bring your mind back into a state of normalcy.  Just contact us to let us know when you want to arrive, go for the drive, walk around in the hills west of the winery(please stay out of the buildings or orchard), and when you have had enough, then simply go back home.  If our location can give you some serenity, then we are happy to provide it.

Winery Pickup Order Form


Click here for Winery Pick Up Order Form