10% ABV
An amazing meshing of two loved flavours; rhubarb and raspberries. Its intense rhubarb flavour slowly makes way for the raspberry, which comes through in the… Continue Reading
10.5% ABV
Lovingly crafted with tree-ripened apples and a hint of cinnamon, Prairie Apple wine is a wonderful blend of sweet and tart, and intense aroma. Perfect… Continue Reading
10% ABV
Originating in the Rhine region of Germany, Riesling grapes are known for it’s aromatics and high acidity. We carefully blended apricots, to create a unique… Continue Reading
10.44% ABV
Lovingly crafted with rhubarb and peach juice, Prairie Peach wine will make you think of summer again.    Handcrafted using the finest rhubarb and peach… Continue Reading