Private orchard walking tours are available during our open season!

Owner Dean Kreutzer takes you on a fun and fascinating tour of the orchard operation. See all types of fruit trees such as Prairie Cherries, apricots, as well as exotic fruit such as peaches, blackberries, and wine grapes. Dean explains how he grows all of these non-hardy fruits using containers, and unique growing systems like his 5000 strawberry plants that are raised up off of the ground for easy picking! He explains his passion for fruit breeding, to try to create fruit trees that are hardy for the prairies, and also shows off his 100yr old cherry pitting machine.

The cost is $20/person, and a minimum tour size of 10 is required. The tour typically takes 1.5hrs, depending on how many questions there are. The tour is suitable for all ages as all areas visited are close by. Wheelchair accessible.