Join us at Over the Hill Orchards and Winery for the Fruits of the Season Summerlong Festival, a celebration of community, prairie flavours, and education amidst the beauty of our orchards. Join us on the last weekend of each month to enjoy this unique experience, featuring live music from local artists and bands to enhance the festive atmosphere.

Dive into our monthly changing menu, inspired by the fruit of the month, offering a blend of sweet and savory dishes alongside special beverages crafted to complement the fruit's distinct flavors. Experience collaboration at its finest with local chefs and mixologists who bring their expertise to our exclusive recipes. Further enrich your visit with our educational segments, offering ticketed presentations and displays on the fruit of the month, covering everything from cultivation to culinary uses.

Don't miss our scheduled wine tastings at 1 pm and the chance to explore the orchards with tours at 11 am and 3 pm. It's more than a festival—it's a journey through the senses, celebrating the bounty of the prairie season.