Growing your own food is very rewarding, but many people can get discouraged by crop failures and the amount of time and physical demands that is required. Let us introduce you to the secrets of container gardening where much of the back breaking work is eliminated, leaving you a growing system that is simple, successful, and a lot of fun!

Some of the topics covered include:

  • What type of containers can be used?
  • What type of soil can be used?
  • How to decide where to place your garden, and what to do if you live in an apartment.
  • How to collect water and have a failsafe automatic watering system.
  • How to fertilize and protect your plants from insects, disease and frost.
  • How to harvest and store your produce.
  • How to reuse your soil, and containers every year.

The cost of this virtual course is $26.25. The course is hosted virtually, and will take approximately 11 hours to complete all modules.