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Organic Farmers are Anti-technology, right?

There is a myth that organic growers wish to return to the horse and buggy era, using primitive tools and methods, are anti-technology, and as such anti-progress.  That just isn’t the case. I endorse any technology that has a definitive positive impact on society, but doesn’t come at too high of cost in terms of […]

Video: Varmints, Varmints Everywhere!

Spring is an exciting, yet scary time for fruit growers.  Did our fruit trees survive over the winter?  Are they going to have a crop this year?

Organic vs Natural: Is There a Difference?

Recent statistics show that sales of organic products continue to rise, however what is surprising is that sales of products labeled as “Natural” rose even higher.  Initially this puzzled me; why would consumers embrace inferior “Natural” products compared to Certified Organic ones? I soon realized that products labeled as “Natural” creates the image that the […]

Organic Fruit Tree Care 101:

Site Selection Most trees need to be planted in an area that has full sun so that the fruit will ripen properly. Do not plant in low lying areas where water and frost can collect. Keep in mind that the 1′ tree you buy may grow 40′ tall and 15′ wide at maturity. Planting Dig […]

Grocery Shop once every five years, what would you change?

Today’s society places great importance on the quality of certain items we purchase. We want high quality in our big ticket items such as houses and vehicles, but place relatively little importance on the quality of the food we eat. Is it a prestige thing to have that luxury car, and food just isn’t prestigious, […]