We get it, looking at screens all day gets old, why not change up those zoom calls to in person face time with the backdrop of the Qu’Appelle Valley for inspiration? Your corporate group is invited to a unique blend of team-building and leisure at Over the Hill Orchards and Winery, nestled in the heart of Southern Saskatchewan. Whether you’re seeking a new perspective, team bonding, or a celebration, our space will provide the perfect backdrop for your team.

Itinerary Inspiration: Strategic Planning Day at the Orchard

9:30am Arrival: Your team climbs on the bus, or hits the road and takes the short drive from Regina 20 minutes North to the orchard where you are greeted with hot coffee to kick off your day. You start your morning with some internal sessions on strategy and are inspired not only by the team, but also by the stunning views that are your backdrop.

11:00 am Orchard Tour: Time to stretch your legs and get the blood going. Owner Dean Kreutzer meets you outside to guide you on an orchard tour, where he guides you through greenhouses and growing space filled with all types of fruit trees such as Prairie Cherries, apricots, as well as exotic fruit such as peaches, blackberries, and wine grapes. Dean explains how he grows all of these non-hardy fruits using containers, and unique growing systems like his 5000 strawberry plants that are raised up off of the ground for easy picking! He explains his passion for fruit breeding, to try to create fruit trees that are hardy for the prairies, and also shows off his 100yr old cherry pitting machine.

12:30 pm Lunch Break: Once back in the main tasting room, your are ready for lunch. Sylvia has helped your team to coordinate a lunch at the Orchard prepared by a local Lumsden chef. Not only is it satisfying, it includes local ingredients, and is followed up by a prairie cherry tart, from fruit right here at the orchard.

3:00 pm wrap up: Your post-lunch wrap up is filled with great conversations, and a fresh perspective. We have created a take home gift of prairie cherry chocolates and a custom labelled bottle of wine for each staff member to take home and enjoy. This day promises a blend of professional development, natural beauty, and local flavours, perfect for fostering strategic thinking and team unity.

Itinerary Inspiration: Private Supper at the Orchard

What better way to show staff or client appreciation then a private Supper at the Orchard. We have availability to host up to 50 people in our tasting room for a curated supper curated by local chefs and perfectly paired with in house wines.

5:00 pm Arrival: You arrive at the Orchard and are welcomed by our staff team that guide you through our wine options for the evening. After sampling a few, you grab a glass and enjoy networking with your clients as you overlook the valley on the best patio in Saskatchewan.

6:00 pm Supper: We invite you into the winery to your assigned seating, where Sylvia introduces the evening’s chef and the history of the orchard, the chef then unveil the menu and start serving the first course.

7:00 pm Orchard Tour & Presentation: Before heading out for a tour of the orchard, you are able to share your appreciation from the leadership team to the clients and staff who have joined you for the meal. Then, Dean hosts you and your guests in the Orchard for a 30-minute orchard tour (weather permitting and only in our growing season, May to early September), showcasing our diverse fruit cultivation and innovative growing techniques.

7:30 pm Main Course & Dessert: Once back from the tour, you enjoy the main course and dessert course of the meal that you have paired with in-house wine. The pairings of the wine and the dessert are the perfect ending to your evening in the orchard and you have a bottle of a new favourite ready for your clients to take home with you to enjoy.