Why High Gas Prices Are a Good Thing

In 2005, when hurricane Katrina hit the oil drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, gas prices shot up to an unprecedented $1.30/litre.  Consumers were shocked; sales of SUV’s sank while hybrid vehicles enjoyed new popularity. Slowly over the following months, prices stabilized and returned to pre-hurricane levels. Vehicle sales trends quickly reversed with gas […]

Will Natural Food be the death of Organic?

One of the latest trends in the marketing of food products is the use of the word “Natural”; Natural hot dogs, Natural trail mix, Natural dog food. It is an extremely intelligent marketing campaign because the image portrayed by these products is of purity, simplicity, and mirrors the image of Certified Organic foods. The problem […]

Is the Future, Corporate Food?

In the next 20 years, over half the farmers in Saskatchewan will be retired. Most people don’t concern themselves with this fact very much, but I think this future reality is very frightening. What will happen to the farms of the retired farmers, and who will buy them? There are very few young farmers out […]

Organic Farmers are Anti-technology, right?

There is a myth that organic growers wish to return to the horse and buggy era, using primitive tools and methods, are anti-technology, and as such anti-progress.  That just isn’t the case. I endorse any technology that has a definitive positive impact on society, but doesn’t come at too high of cost in terms of […]

Video: Varmints, Varmints Everywhere!

Spring is an exciting, yet scary time for fruit growers.  Did our fruit trees survive over the winter?  Are they going to have a crop this year?